ICF Process Uses 50% less energy

Starting with a strong cost budget, intelligent design results in a winning project! Contractors are the closest to daily cost and design optimizations while working daily subcontractors.

  • Start with a strong budget for land, infrastructure and building costs per square foot.
  • Select a design that fits your lifestyle now and into the future.
  • Go to the designer with closer guidelines to keep your project costs under control.
  • Involve subcontractors early in the design/build process to gather some great ideas.
  • Submit a complete set of plans for rapid approval from government authorities.
  • Build a schedule and minimize change orders for best results.
  • One firm to gather all the requirements, work with the best teams experienced with ICF and enjoy the process.
  • Enjoy the longevity of this custom home with lower energy costs, longer building life and higher fire resistive construction.

Value proposition for ICF-Insulated Concrete Forms are the following:

  • Same price as traditional construction with the recent increase in lumber prices.
  • Approximately 50% more energy efficient.
  • Concrete & Steel Construction will last a very long time without the worry of pests, dry rot, fire…
  • More fire resistant.
  • Allows for all traditional exterior and interior finishes.

Process is different from traditional wood construction as you rely on "Industry Experts" experienced in the design, engineering and construction of this type of construction:

  • Many designs can be adapted to this type of construction and AEI can facilitate the Designer, Engineering and site plans for your project.
  • Subcontractors network is familiar with this type of construction.
  • AEI can get the plans through the local planning and building departments and educate where required.